Apartments for Rent in Peoria IL

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We didn’t get the reputation for managing the “nicest properties in town” for nothing. When looking for apartments for rent in Peoria IL and the surrounding area, we know that each tenant is looking for something different. We offer a wide variety of amenities, locations and apartment sizes to help every one of our tenants enjoy the comforts of a real “home” in their apartment.

Hunting Apartments for Rent in Peoria IL

Over the years, nhs Property Management has grown from a company managing a twelve-unit apartment building to its current portfolio of 1,400 residential units, 98,000 square feet of office and retail space, and 26,000 square feet of warehouse space. We have learned a thing or two about what tenants are looking for in an apartment. Here is a short list of some items you might want to consider during your search:

1. Location: Drive less and live more. If you are looking to cut back your commute to work, or be centrally located around your favorite activities, then location should be key in your apartment hunt. At nhs Property Management, we have apartments that are located next to shopping malls, golf courses and more!

2. Appliances: What machines do you need to make your life easier? We can offer you laundry facilities and other machines that may not be essential, but will make your life simpler.

3. Pet Policy: Are you looking for room for man’s best friend? Then make sure to ask the landlord if the apartment you are looking at is pet-friendly. You might also be concerned about pet allergies. In that case, you could prefer an apartment building that does not allow pets.

4. Outdoor Space: We don’t want you stuck inside a stuffy apartment! To give our tenants the comforts of a real home, we have apartments with balcony and patio space.

5. Parking: Many of our apartments include garage space and carports, so make sure to ask our landlords about where you can store your car.

Apartments for Rent in Peoria IL

Looking for Apartments for Rent in Peoria IL?

If you have any questions, contact us online or call our Rental Hotline at 309-306-7076.

Don’t hesitate to finally find your dream apartment, where you can feel the comforts of a real home.

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